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Rotman School of Management - 5 Facts

Rotman School of Management is a great B-school located at the heart of Toronto. The University is Toronto is well known across the world and its business school is slowly but surely gaining repute for producing great quality of leaders. Here are some fun facts about Life at Rotman.

1. One of the best offerings at Rotman is its Self Development Lab. Think of it as turning a mirror onto yourself where you will gain valuable insight into how to give presentations, public speaking, & more such tasks related to the art of communication & personality development.

2. Tons of Clubs. Yeah, you heard that right. From leadership club to public speaking club & of course the finance club that dwarfs them all, you have multiple options to choose & do as you wish.

3. Diversity – So yeah, most of the schools claim this, yet few have this but Rotman has a good 50-50 balance of people from Canada & from outside Canada. Diversity is for real & it shows at all their clubs, study groups, business tours & whatnots.

4. Design Thinking. Yup, Rotman is pretty heavy on its design thinking course. One of the most famous outside the university & okayish famous inside as well. But if you are interested in the design thinking concept, this is a good course to choose.

5. Entrepreneurship. If you have been an entrepreneur or would want to be one, Rotman is surely the place to be. It's CDL (Creative destruction lab has now created assets in the equity value of more than $1B. Yeah, you heard that right.

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