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Get ready to be inspired! Dive into the real stories of students who achieved their dreams with Applicant-X. From top B-school acceptances to coveted scholarships, these success stories prove that with determination and support, anything is possible. Ready to write your own success story? Join us at Applicant-X, and let's make it happen together!





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I had a great time working with Nirvan last year on my MBA essays. I came from a technical nontraditional background and was struggling to put my impact in non-technical words which would be more pliable to business schools. Nirvan helped me understand the process, clarified what business school looks for, and helped me brainstorm and polish my stories. I got interviewed at all three schools I worked with Nirvan and got accepted at an M7 and T10 with a scholarship. Looking back at my application journey, I was late at almost everything: business school finalization, application strategy, and essays, and without timely and prompt help from Nirvan, the application success I had would not be possible. The brainstorming process for essays was particularly useful since it helped me clarify my story to myself, which helped me immensely for interviews. I highly recommend Nirvan for the MBA application essays, particularly if you are from non-technical background or struggling with time.

Zulfiqar | Kellogg $$

I initially embarked on my MBA application journey feeling completely lost, but with Nirvana as my guide, clarity emerged step by step. He provided unwavering support throughout the entire process, steering me through school selection, essay crafting, and interview preparation. Nirvana demonstrated a genuine commitment to my application, treating it as if it were his own, ultimately resulting in my acceptance to a top 10 school. His tireless dedication was evident in countless essay reviews and mock interviews, even extending to late nights and addressing last-minute application challenges. His expertise in guiding students on their MBA application journey is unparalleled , I highly recommend him for anyone looking for a consultant to help them with their applications , you just can't go wrong with Nirvana!

Bhavik | Darden

I received a very positive feedback for Nirvan from my friend, while I was searching for Admissions Consultants. The feedback was extremely to the point.
I have worked with him and his passion to really craft essays in a compelling manner has really helped me bring out my story in application in a very comprehensive way. He has focused on all the aspects of the application with a very structured approach.
One thing I would like to point out from the headline, I was very nervous when I was preparing for my interview at Kellogg. Nirvan, took 10-12 mocks, so that I become comfortable with various different possible situations during an interview. This effort of his has really helped me do well in the interview, and has helped me secure my spot in Kellogg School of Management.
I would definitely recommend his end to end services.

Ayush Bansal | Kellogg MIM

Choosing Nirvan as my admissions consultant was a pivotal decision in my MBA application journey. Right from our initial conversation, his willingness to address every query, regardless of its nature, instilled in me a sense of confidence and assurance.
With a clear vision, Nirvan aided in structuring my applications alongside GMAT prep, an impossible feat without his extensive experience and constant support.
He played a crucial role in crafting compelling essays and insightful narratives for college applications. His guidance secured interviews at four colleges, and his unique approach to unlimited mock interviews significantly boosted my confidence, aided by his honest feedback.
Nirvan’s deep knowledge and commitment were pivotal in securing my admission to CBS, my dream school. For MBA applicants, especially those considering deferred programs, Nirvan’s comprehensive guidance stands unmatched.

Nishtha | Columbia | Deferred

I chose Nirvan as my consultant basis excellent reviews I heard from alumni of my college he had worked with.
While choosing consultants, I found Nirvan to be the one of the few consultants to have experience and thorough knowledge about deferred MBA programs, which are relatively new.
Nirvan has utmost clarity of thought and helped me craft my applications for 2 colleges within only 4 weeks. Without his extensive experience in this field and unlimited availability, it would have been impossible for me to submit 2 applications within a month.
Nirvan helped me draft a convincing narrative for my essays and assisted in drafting an insightful story to present to the adcom.
I got invited for interviews for both colleges I applied to and interview prep was where Nirvan helped me the most.
Unlike most other consultants who offer limited mocks, Nirvan took unlimited mock interviews for me which exponentially increased my confidence and his honest feedback after every mock helped me iron out my mistakes which helped me ace the interviews.
His extensive knowledge and experience about deferred MBAs, ability to think outside the box and commitment towards my application was what really helped me secure an admit to my dream school – CBS.
I would recommend everyone applying for MBA programs, especially deferred MBAs to consider Nirvan for end-to-end application guidance.

Rishab | Columbia | Deferred

Let me tell you about my incredible journey with Nirvan (Applicant X) – a true game-changer in my MBA application process! Right from the get-go, I was impressed with his straight-to-the-point approach. His spot-on and detailed insights into each section of my profile made choosing him a no-brainer for me.
Nirvan’s dedication was next level – always there for me, even during odd hours, ensuring my applications were top-notch and timely without sacrificing quality. Talk about commitment!
But what truly was inspirational was his personalized touch. He didn’t just treat me like another client; he understood my goals, priorities, and fears, crafting a strategy tailor-made for me. And let’s not forget the endless essay revisions. Nirvan possesses extensive expertise in essays and provides precise guidance on what admission teams seek in a specific essay. I can vouch for this, as I consistently received the same advice from admission teams during various event discussions.
When it came to interviews, Nirvan was my rock. Numerous mock interviews and detailed feedback boosted my confidence like nothing else. And his guidance didn’t stop at applications; he even helped me navigate college selection and scholarship opportunities.
Thanks to Nirvan, I have offers from most of my dream colleges – HEC | IESE | ISB
In a nutshell, Nirvan didn’t just guide me through the MBA application process; he became my mentor, and my friend guiding me through the MBA application process. His expertise and unwavering support have left an indelible mark on my journey, and for that, I’m forever grateful.

Divyanshu | HEC | IESE | ISB

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Nirvan challenged me to reflect early on and come up with a clear vision of my future goals and how an MBA would help me attain them. He would constantly urge me to rethink the content and was extremely knowledgeable about the reasoning behind each question and how to tackle them. He would constantly push me to think of better stories to write as an answer and was patient with every follow-up question. He guided me to put my best foot forward, be it through the essays, the LORs or the resume. I would strongly recommend Applicant-X to anyone looking for assistance with their MBA application.

Tisha Singh (Kenan Flagler, Foster, McDonough) (100k$ in scholarships)

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