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Whereas other organizations offer free profile evaluations, disguising it as a sales strategy, we offer genuine profile evaluations directly with our Founder, Nirvan, who has years of experience in this industry and understands how the admissions team works. True to our USP, we offer a limitless one-on-one profile review with Nirvan.

The profile Evaluation call is structured into 4 phases 

1. Introduction by Nirvan

2. You will walk the consultant through your professional journey

3. Profile assessment by the consultant (The consultant will break down your profile in the same structure the B-schools would use to evaluate your profile)

4. Q&A (The consultant will open the call up for questions. You can ask questions related to your profile/B-schools/timelines/Applicant-X/Consultant or anything else

Kindly book your profile evaluation @ ₹3999 ($48) only. 

P.S If you do opt for any of our 1:1 Complete Application Service, we do count your profile evaluation fee as part of the Complete Application Service fee. 

What our Students say about us

He was straightforward and honest and explained things without sugarcoating. He was patient while listening and gave me ample time to clear all my doubts. Overall it was an enriching experience.

Iti Archana

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