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Do this if you are Reapplying to B-school?

Was your application turned down? Are you eager to reapply? If this sounds like you, keep reading! If you follow the advice given here and supplement it with strong essays, letters of proposal, and interviews, you should be on your way to a top business school in no time.

Tip # 1 Review your application

It's essential to look over the documents you delivered to schools with a bit of skepticism. Simply by applying, you've gained a basic understanding of admissions procedures, and you'll likely notice many areas where you may improve. Whether you believe your failure was due to a minor blunder in a paper, a major flaw such as a poor GMAT score, or a lack of social connections outside of work, you have plenty of time to rectify these flaws before submitting an assignment application a year from now.

You can use the services of an MBA consultant to assist you with this. It's good to meet with a business college application counsel once you've thought about your application and checked to see whether your target schools provide individualized comments.

MBA consultants are familiar with more than just what business schools are looking for in candidates; they are also familiar with the specifics of each school and the differences between their ideal candidates.

Tip # 2 Ways to Improve your profile

  • A high CAT/GMAT score.

  • Clear or refined goals

  • Additional leadership or managerial position at work.

  • International experience.

  • New or additional community service experiences, e.g., NGOs.

  • Some new awards, certifications, or recognitions.

  • Some other modifications or improvements that will enhance your ability to contribute to the diversity of an elite MBA classroom.

Tip #3 Check on which b-schools you are applying to

This year's results could help you respond to criticism regarding your intensity at a top program. It's imperative that you only apply to schools you'd be excited to attend. Still, if you were unsuccessful at all of the colleges to which you applied, it could be an excellent time to reconsider how reasonable your target school list was and to add a few more to the mix.

This is especially important for students who only applied to a few colleges this time; there is an element of chance and karma in the interview process. Regardless of how talented a candidate is, they should apply to 4-6 business schools to have a good chance of succeeding.

Tip #4 What do you like about the particular b-school?

Consider how you might demonstrate your dedication to the school you're reapplying to. Did you pay a visit? Tell them about it! Tell the interview panelists that you are applying earlier this time because you love the school, met more students and instructors, read more blog entries, and attended more events. Tell them how you handled each of these situations because you believe it is the best B-school for you.

If you're going to reapply, show that you've thought about why you weren't accepted a year ago. Discuss how you found each of the progressions and upgrades we just looked at.

Not only does the school want to see that you've improved, but the admission advisory board wants to see that you've considered your shortcomings. Devise solid solutions to overcome them so that you may become a stronger competitor and achieve your objectives.

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