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How I Cracked ISB with a 670 score

Good day, everyone! During my preparation, I spent a lot of time and energy reading success tales about the GMAT and MBA, and now that my hard work has finally paid off, I'd like to share my story of getting into ISB with a GMAT score of 670.

So, I was offered a position at ISB Business College a week ago:-)!!!!

#1: Application Strategy

While lower GMAT scores may lead to admission to ISB, the process is unlikely to be successful without proper strategy and execution. The first step is getting started early and giving yourself enough time to develop a practical application. While I could not apply in time for ISB Round 1, I made sure to begin my preparations for ISB Round 2 as soon as possible.

  • During my preparation, I constantly kept the following principles in mind: I realized that my application was the key to the ISB door and that working on it at the last minute would not be helpful. You must answer the ISB MBA essay questions, but you must also ensure that the panelists appear to be exceptional candidates. It will take time to accomplish this.

  • To ensure that you bring out the relevant parts in your profile to the panels, speak with peers, mentors, or an admissions consultant.

  • For your applications, interview, and career, clarity in professional goals and fit with ISB is essential. Check to see whether you've got it.

I tried to demonstrate that I could communicate in three dialects.

The importance of proposal/recommendation letters cannot be overstated (substantially more than the GMAT, trust me). Choose people who were your direct managers (link the authoritative graphs of your project/organization to indicate how applicable the recommender is) and make sure they provide enough information about your abilities and management. Before presenting the letter, meet with them to specify the skills you want them to focus on. Recommenders only need to give the letter and go about their business, so make sure it's perfect!

#2: Suggestions

Back up each trademark, you use to represent oneself with an experience and achievement. My enthusiasm for acting (and what I got from it on a personal level) during my university years and my little experience in the Far East.

BE INTERESTING, and keep in mind that the piece should reflect you, not material from the Internet. They must see that no one else can fill your shoes.

#3: My Strength


They need to see that you are active; therefore, know yours and brag about it. I lived in three countries, worked in a variety of settings, formed a global relationship in my city during my undergraduate years, traveled to many European cities for administration meetings, and addressed my country for the first time at those gatherings, revealing my accomplishments in the affiliation I had formed without any preparation.

I received an additional recommendation letter from the organization I founded, demonstrating my successes and participation in global events. I understood this could set me apart from other applicants; therefore, I focused on demonstrating it!

#4: Guidance for Future Applicants

Your GMAT score is only a tiny portion of your complete application. Excellent; if you can obtain a high score, you're safe! If you're one of those who can't pass a normalized test despite concentrating hard enough (like me), own it and don't settle for a 700. Accept that you have many other things you may demonstrate in your application to make up for your low score.

Know your strengths and what differentiates you from the rest of the people, and highlight them.

Getting through the ISB application step is 80% of the way there. Even though I was aware of my lower-than-average GMAT score, I made the most of the Alumni meetings. I focused my efforts on demonstrating my abilities and how confident I am that I am an excellent fit for the program. I concentrated on demonstrating my international experience and successes. I rarely referred to my work or the expertise of my colleagues. I talked about my passion for acting, the organization I founded, the movements I've made, and the initiative skills I've honed by working with people in various situations. I wisely left a small room for the questioners to gather some GMAT information.

Last but not least, Sell yourself and show that you are aware of your strengths!

I understand that we all face similar challenges in applying for the GMAT and business school applications, so perhaps I can rouse someone here and illuminate his road for future aspirants.

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