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Best B-schools in the US for a marketing career

1. Northwestern University (Kellogg)

Courses offered: Full-time MBA and Part-Time MBA

Tuition fees: $74,871

Average salary: $62,507-$170,000

Referred to as the "King of Marketing." It is considered one of the country's best marketing business schools. Because of the following factors, Kellogg is the best institution to get a marketing MBA:

  • The educational plan thoroughly comprehends different advertising ideas, techniques, marketing strategies, customer behavior, and relevant topics.

  • One gets to study modern marketing and its applications.

  • Known for having world-class faculty, such as Marketing Messiah, Philip Kotler, the author of "Marketing Management."

2. Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB)

Courses offered: Full-time MBA

Tuition fee: $74,706

Average salary: $147,500

Around 24% of its MBA students in 2020 opted for marketing as a major. In terms of the best MBA Marketing programs, Stanford GSB is ranked second.

  • The GSB employs a research-based approach to its work.

  • They use a variety of instructional techniques, including lectures and case studies.

3. University of California-Los Angeles, Anderson business school

Courses offered: Full-time MBA, EMBA

Tuition fee: $65,049

Average salary: $120,500

The marketing functions courses give students an awareness of customer behavior and proper instruction in marketing principles, quantitative research, and financial modeling. There are approximately twelve marketing elective courses to choose from. A marketing association also helps students prepare for their future careers.

4. Stephen Michigan Ross School of Business-University of Michigan

Courses offered: Full-time MBA, Evening MBA, Online MBA, Weekend MBA, Executive MBA.

Tuition fee: $142,096

Average salary: $125,000

Situated in the town of Ann Arbor.

  • The marketing faculty here employs economics, statistics, psychology, and neuroscience concepts to address the most pressing market concerns.

  • Thirty-two world-class teachers on the faculty know how to put their ideas into action.

  • With 300 members, the Michigan Ross marketing club has the largest student body on campus. The organization provides students with the tools and guidance to succeed in interviews and build networks.

5. Harvard Business School

Course offered: Full-time MBA

Tuition fee:$72,000

Average salary:$140,000

  • For the best marketing MBA programs, HBS is ranked #6.

  • The goal of the course is to demonstrate the importance of marketing in the company and understand customer behavior and the interaction between marketing and other departments.

  • E-commerce, branding, retailing, sales management and strategy, and the business of entertainment, media, and sports are all part of the Marketing elective curriculum.

  • The Harvard marketing club has around 200 members that organize various events to meet other members, accomplished business executives, and graduate students.

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