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5 fun facts about ISB Campus life

ISB is based on a 250 acre area in Hyderabad. But the land purchased by ISB was sold @ Rs 1 by the then Chandrababu Naidu government to ISB to lure the ISB founders to set up their campus in Hyderabad. The other prominent choice being Mumbai.

ISB follows 2 campus 1 school mantra. This essentially means that ISB hyderabad & mohali are treated in the same manner by the administration. But, ask any ISB alumnus and they will tell you that the culture, the vibe, the entire feel of the two campuses are different & unique in a good way. And yes, don't worry, placement opportunities are almost the same for both the campuses.

ISB hyderabad is known for its beauty. The campus is pristine & it shows. But very few people know that the campus was designed by an architect from USA which because of some dispute with ISB has never seen the beautiful campus designed by him.

ISB hyderabad's favourite sport is ....ummm.. can anyone guess? Its Frisbee. If you didn't get it dont worry, its a tough nut to crack. Frisbee is something that i saw being played for the very first time @ ISB and its a wonderful sport.

Lastly, something about the ISB culture. Its known as a party school and it is in many respects. But, talk to as many ISB alumni as you want and they will tell you the same the same thing - ISB is what you make of it. Its a party school to some, networking school to other or a crazy competitive place to someone else. It is what you make it to be.

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