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Build a solid foundation based on our analysis of your profile

Phase I – Mini Application & Interview
Using a questionnaire, we will ask you to provide specific details covering educational, professional, & extracurricular fields. After we receive the details, we will set up an interview between you and the consultant. 

Phase II – Profile Evaluation & Analysis
We analyze all the data from the application form & the interview to create a final report that includes the following things. 

– Profile rating (Poor, Below Average, Average, Good, Strong)

– Indicative chances at Top 100 B-schools (Yes, you heard it right, TOP 100 B-SCHOOLS) (Ambitious, Stretch, Practical, Safe, Backup)

– A SWOT analysis covering your strengths and weaknesses

The final output will be a personalized report that will be emailed to you a few days after the Interview. 

Phase III –  Action Plan
We wrap up the process with a final 1-hour consultation over the phone. The call will cover any questions you have on the report, the profile analysis that is provided in the report, or any other queries that you may have. This is also where you will validate the foundation of your storyline that you will use in your Essays. 

Terms of engagement

1. Applicant-X Full Service is valid for one admission cycle for a particular school.

2. We only accept 100% advance payment.

If you want to explore the service further or understand the pricing plans, kindly get in touch & our team will help you with the further process. 

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