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Limitless Review to Craft a Stellar Essay

Essaywriting is Storytelling

Word Essays – Video Essays - Presentations

Word Essays

This is where you will truly feel the impact of Applicant-X. We are known for the Essay Review Services & the storytelling we bring to your Essays. This is also where we are different from other consulting firms. Most of the consulting firms will have the consultant look after the essay & help you craft the essay. But, with Applicant-X, we have Consultants who not only are an expert on B-school admissions process but are also master storytellers in their own rights. Our consultant will help you craft a stellar essay that will stand out amongst the other students with the same background as yours. These Essays will be the differentiating factor between you and the other Applicants.

Video Essays​

We absolutely love the Video Essay Section. Video Essays are still a rarity among the B-schools but more & more schools have started with the Video Essays. Here, we follow a process that is followed in the film industry. We work with you to understand your stories & your ideas. Then our team will develop a complete storyboard for you as is done in the movie production industry. This storyboard will act as a director for you. It will direct the shots, the lights, the time & each & every aspect of the video. In the end, you will be surprised to receive a truly phenomenal video that will look more like a professional work than one crafted by just any applicant.


Again, like the Video Essays, these too are a rarity but still, some schools do ask for presentation Essay and we are more than equipped to help you create the Presentation-X. We understand how presentations are made. We incorporate the essence of any presentation - the beginning, the buildup, the meat of the story & the climax - into the presentation; weaving your stories to make it look like a perfect presentation.

The Essay Review Section is where we truly stand apart and are proud of our abilities to help the Applicant craft a Stellar Essay that will make him/her the Applicant-X.

Terms of engagement

1. Applicant-X Essay Review Service is valid for one admission cycle for a particular school.

2. We offer unlimited Reviews of the Essays. We will work & work & do some more work on your Essays until & unless you are satisfied with them. 

3. We accept 50% payment in advance & 50% post 7 days of initial payment.

If you want to explore the service further or to know the pricing plans, kindly get in touch & our team will help you with the further process. 

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