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To bring out the best stories in you

First of all, congratulate yourself for clearing the first hurdle & getting shortlisted for an Interview Call. Well done! But the job is not yet done. Interviews are a tough nut to crack, especially with some schools going for multiple rounds of interviews.

Do not worry! We at Applicant-X have your back. Our interview prep service helps you prepare for every type of questions & scenarios. We have a unique process of interview prep which we call hook & bait (more on this strategy once you join our interview prep service). This process will help you define your own interview & have the interviewer ask you questions that you would be comfortable to answer. This strategy of hook & bait works wonders & will help you finally clear the final hurdle & achieve the joy of dream B-school admit.

We will provide you with a question bank specially curated for your B-school. This question bank will help you recognize the commonly asked questions & the questions that can come up as a surprise for you. We want you to be prepared for each & every eventuality & help you up your chances to clear the Interview Round.

We conduct multiple mock interviews (there is no limit, we have once conducted 8 rounds of mock interview for a candidate until she was prepared for her actual interview) with a similar tone (be it a stress interview, or relax interview or even group debates) & atmosphere as is expected in the actual interview. We then conduct a feedback round which is followed by another round of interview and the cycle continues.

Terms of engagement

1. Applicant-X Full Service is valid for one admission cycle for a particular school.

2. We accept 50% payment in advance & 50% post 7 days of initial payment.

If you want to explore the service further or understand the pricing plans, kindly get in touch & our team will help you with the further process. 

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