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Applicant - X provides a unique environment that has helped countless students get ahead. We are an organization with a mission to help the applicants understand the process of applying to an MBA & make it easier & more efficient for them. We’re extremely proud of our students and our consultant, who are always eager to learn, create and grow together. Shoot us a mail to find out more about how we can help you prepare an application that makes you the Applicant - X in the eyes of the Admissions Officer.

At Applicant - X, we do our best to prepare our students for the best chance to convert their dream MBA Admit. We believe that great application means much more than just wriiting every of your achievement down. We believe and attach great importance to know your school before you apply to it. To know yourself before you start the application. An MBA application is a great way to introspect & find out details about your life that you seldom thought of. We through our carefully crafted program bring out the best of your details to life & to your application to help you secure the best possible chance to convert your dream MBA. Are you ready to become the Applicant - X? Get in touch!

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